About Us

How did

we Start?

In 2003, a team of 17 people from Urban Edge Church, in Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa, left for Lesotho for the very first time. The team spent five days in Lesotho visiting schools, hosting a pastors conference and connecting with shepherds in the Semonkong region.
This is where the work in Lesotho began.
Before our shift to church planting in 2019, the mission focused on humanitarian work through maintenance of schools, clinics and orphanages as well as equipping teachers, pastors and shepherds through training sessions and conferences.


New Journey

In 2019, Lesotho Mission shifted its focus from humanitarian work to planting life-giving churches throughout the Kingdom of Lesotho.
Two couples joined the Lesotho Mission team and were asked to lead the dream of planting 50 churches in the next 5 years. The Mission’s goal is to raise up and develop strong, local leaders for every church plant to sustain the work.

Planting life-giving churches & developing local leaders.

Currently, all the church plants are based in the Semonkong region which is the Mission’s current base. The Mission’s team is endeavouring to plant a city church in the nation’s capital, Maseru, in 2022, which will in future operate as another missions base.

Where we


A 30 minute drive from our base in Semonkong, Ha Elia was planted in November 2022. This village is situated close to the Thaba-Tseka district border.

HaPhallang is approximately 12km outside of Semonkong, about a two and a half hour walk. This church was one of our 2019 plants and has steadily become a church of influence in its community and surrounding communities.

This is the biggest village we currently work in. Hasechache is also the village with the highest persecution of churches and church members. This village has incredible views (especially at sunset). You will always receive a warm welcome from the multitudes of kids that call the village home.

We started working in Hasethuhamajoe in 2018. Thanks to continuous relationship with the village, we were able to establish a church in our 2019 church plants. This village is actually one of the villages where King Letsie III holds some of his cattle.

The heartbeat and capital of Lesotho, Maseru is a cosmopolitan city buzzing with life. It takes about 15 minutes to get from one end of Maseru to the other side. You do NOT want to get stuck in traffic though as your journey time could double very quickly. Lesotho Mission establish Legacy Church Maseru in August 2022 which acts as one of the mission’s bases

Located approximately 120km from Maseru, Semonkong is regarded as the other central base for the Lesotho Mission. Surrounded by spectacular views, many grazing animals and the highest freestanding waterfall in the southern hemisphere, Semonkong is named The Place of Smoke due to the mist of fog of the mountainous village. We are currently building a 100 seater church building.

Our core


1. Love

We love God and we love all people, from all walks of life.

2. Servanthood

We serve God. We serve the church. We serve our community.

3. Generosity

We are generous with our time, talent and treasure.

4. Connection

We believe in doing life together as a church family so that we can make a difference in our community.

5. Integrity

We are consistent in honouring God and others in our everyday life.

6. Excellence

We believe that excellence honours God & inspires people.

7. Flexibility

We are adaptable to the plans of God.

8. Faithfulness

We are committed to Jesus, His ways and His church